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Bus Schedules

  • All bus riders are to be lined up 10 minutes prior to school bus arrival
    Todos los pasajeros de camion deben de ser formados de la fila 10 minutos antes de llegada de autobus escolar
  • Bus stop times are estimates only.  Please take into account traffic and delays due to student behavior
    Tiempos de parada de autobus son estimados solo, tienen en cuenta por favor trafico y demoras
  • All School rules apply at bus stops
    Todas las reglas aplican en la parada de autobus

Transportation Safety Plan

Please click the link below to view the Transportation Safety Plan. 

Fog Delay Information

In the event that foggy conditions occur in the next few months, the following procedures will be followed:                                                                               

    If the foggy condition is a hazard to the safety of children, a delay or cancelation of school may occur.

    If a delay is called, all classes and bus schedules will be delayed for two (2) hours.
    If conditions do not improve after the initial two (2) hour delay school may be canceled.

    Listen to the local radio or television stations for information!  Local radio and television stations will advise the public if a delay or cancelation is necessary.

You may check the following Internet web site: for all school delays or closures.

    Children will be dismissed from school at the regular time.  Schools will operate as usual unless otherwise advised.

Boundary Maps

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