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McKinney Vento

What is McKinney-Vento?


These programs are part of the Student Services Department in the Fairfax School District. The programs identify students who lack a permanent residence (Mc Kinney-Vento) or have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect (Foster).


These students are identified by staff, and are afforded certain rights in order to assist them succeed in school. The goal of these programs is to offer homeless and foster students the same educational rights and opportunities as other students.


Eligible students have the right to:

  • Stay at the same school for the duration of homelessness or foster status.
  • Immediate enrollment in school without having a permanent address.
  • Automatic eligibility for the free and reduced meal program.
  • McKinney-Vento students also receive school bus transportation to and from their school of origin even if they move out of the area during the school year.
  • Be given the same access to public education as other students (preschool through 8th grade).
  • Attend and participate in extended learning programs at their school.
  • Receive transportation to school of origin if living outside of their school's attendance boundaries. 

These students often move or change foster care placements more than once during a school year. The main goals of the McKinney-Vento and Foster Youth Programs are to provide educational stability, equal access to public education, and academic success to these two populations of students within the Fairfax School District.