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Fairfax School District Migrant Education Program Overview

Children of migrant workers are often affected by repeated moves, disruption in schooling, poverty, health needs, social isolation, and language barriers.  The purpose of the Fairfax School District Education Program is to ensure that the unique needs of migrant children are identified and addressed.  The program improves educational opportunities for migrant children to:

  • Succeed in the regular school program.
  • Meet the same academic content and achievement standards as all other students. 
  • Graduate from high school.

This program supports high-quality and comprehensive educational programs for migrant children in order to help reduce the educational disruptions and other education related barriers that result from frequent moves.  

The Title I, Part C- Migrant Education Program (MEP)

The Title I, Part C- Migrant Education Program (MEP) funds additional educational programs fro migrant children (ages 3-21). Migrant students have the same risk factors as other students.  These students also face further challenges because of their frequent moves.  The migrant child is one who is or whose parent, spouse or guardian is a migratory agricultural worker, migratory dairy worker, or migratory fisher.  A migratory worker is one who moves to obtain/seek temporary seasonal employment within the last 36 months by himself, accompanying a parent, spouse, or guardian, and has moved from one school district to another and/or has moved from one state to another.  The Title I, Part C (MEP) attempts to ensure that migrant students do not face additional educational challenges because of the differences in academic standards throughout the country.  The program also promotes the coordination of educational and support services including the timely transfer of academic records.  

Eligibility Requirements

According to sections 1115(b) and 1309(2) of the statute and section 200.81(d) of the regulations, a child is eligible for the MEP if:

  1.  The child is younger that 22 and has not graduated from high school or does not hold a high school equivalency certificate (this means that the child is entitled to a free public education or is of an age below compulsory school attendance); and
  2. The child is a migrant agricultural worker or a migrant fisher or has a parent, spouse, or guardian who is a migrant agricultural worker or a migrant fisher; and
  3. The child has moved within the preceding 36 months in order to obtain (or seek) or to accompany (or join) a parent, spouse or guardian to obtain (or seek), temporary or seasonal employment in qualifying agricultural or fishing work; and such employment is a principal means of livelihood; and the child has moved from on school district to another.  

2021-2022 PAC OFFICERS


President: Maryluz Huerta

Vice President: Alejandra Ibarra

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Maria Paiz

Migrant Services Provided

Migrant Supplemental Education Services Include:

Extended Day (81 Days)

Saturday School (11 Days)

Summer School (20 Days)


Additional Support Services may include:

College and Career Readiness

Mental Health/Medical referrals or support

Emergency Food and Clothing services

Migrant Family Nights

Migrant Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Migrant Education Pre-School Information


Migrant Education Program Highlights